How to support your productivity at high level

8 of April 2021

Our lives are full of plans. It’s a basis for high productivity. However, for the most significant results the out-of-box thinking is required. How to support your out-of-box thinking environment?

– Have a clear vision & goals
The concrete targets make a huge difference between just work and achievements. Once you have a target – a detailed plan of how to get there will arise.

– Catch opportunities when they arrive
Humans are overloaded with information, however it also creates more variety and opportunities. Don’t miss them out. Opportunities are like waves in the sea: we might skip or use them, but we don’t control or intentionally create them.

– Do what you like the most
This one might sound naively, taking into account responsibilities and rules we have to follow. Nevertheless, it’s the strongest source of energy to get things done. Without true interest the work consumes too much energy to get accomplished. Do what you like and delegate the rest to professionals. That’s the only way forward.

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